about our business

  1. For factory facility, hospital facility, research institute of university : design and construction of aqua treatment facility
  2. For large complex : design and construction of detoxification treatment facility, recycled wasteaqua facility, rainaqua treatment facility
  3. Design and construction of wasteaqua treatment facility and as well as FRP septic tank of combined treatment contractor
  4. Design, construction and selling of various filters
  5. Design and construction of private aqua supply facility
  6. Maintenance service for various aqua treatment facilities
  7. Selling of aqua treatment facility-related system, device and medicine
  8. Business of aqua and environment consulting
  9. Diagnostic investigation and renewal contractor of various aqua treatment facilities
  10. Renewal contractor of plumbing system for apartments
  11. Selling of emergency aqua purification system
  12. Selling of housing equipment
  13. Reform contractor of housing equipment


Technology lets aqua return to nature

management principle: 1. to live with aqua, 2. to create possibility of aqua, 3. to contribute to society by aqua

massage from the president

Taki corporation Inc. is a aqua environment synthesis engineering company that mainly operates in Japan.

I have devoted myself to the aqua treatment industry for 30 years.
These days, the earth environment is changing rapidly, and various environmental problems are happening many parts of the world. There have been increasing reports of extreme weather such as localized heavy rain, flood, increased natural disasters, and varieties of environmental damage. To tackle these environmental problems, we can work through the aqua environment industry by making use of my specialized knowledge of aqua treatment so that people can live in a secure, safe and health environment.

Also, we will strive to find an original way in the global market and in Asia .We are preparing to expand into oversea aqua environment consulting industries by producing top-class domestic aqua treatment system for the global market. We are continually working on growing the company further.

Kunio Kotaki
President & chief executive officer